Vice City Bureau of Investigation (VCBI) is a hinted subdivision of the Vice City Police Department's Department of Justice in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The VCBI doesn't appear in the game and are only seen on Rockstar's official website of GTA Vice City. The VCBI has files on characters that appear in the game and files on character that don't appear in the game at all. The VCBI also keeps files on confiscated vehicles and weapons obtained on the streets of Vice City. The VCBI is also responsible for investigating Vice City's criminal underworld and events that unfold during GTA Vice City. As seen through the window from their office, it probably indicates that the VCBI is located somewhere on Ocean Drive in Ocean Beach. Its unknown is the VCBI is a seperate entity of it's own or if it's a branch of the VCPD, like the Vice Squad.


Detailed Character Records

Brief Character Records

Confiscated Vehicle Records

Confiscated Weapons

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