Vice city mainlands map labled

Map of the Vice City Mainland with the name of the districts.

The Vice City Mainland is the second largest island that makes up Vice City, located west of Vice City Beach. The island is depicted to be the less glamorous area of the city, but home to most of the city's districts. The island made appearances in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories


This area of the city is home to five of the city's districts. Viceport is located in the extream south of the island and is home to the cit's largest sea port. The player can find industrial type trucks in this area.

Escobar International Airport borders Viceport to the west and is home the the city's airport. The area mostly consists of airport runways, terminals, and parking lots. The area also is home to an army base, Fort Baxter Airbase, which is located north of the airport in the same area.

Little Havana is home the the city's Cuban-American inhabitants. The district is located east of the airport and north of Viceport. The district is also home to the Cubans, a gang that can only be found in this district. Also from this area, there is a bridge that links to Starfish Island, which another bridge opposite of that which links to Vice City Beach.

Little Haiti lies north of of Little Havana. It's home to Haitian-American inhabitants. In 1986, the area is the current home and territory of the Haitian gang. In 1984, the district was then home to the Cholos gang. Located in a little portion of the district is home to the city's only Junkyard, located in an unincorperated district of the same name.

Downtown is home the the city's business sector, consisting of skyscrapers. The district is located north of Little Haiti and is home to Hyman Memorial Stadium and two of the player's safehouses.


Vice City Mainland is based on mainland Miami, while the districts are based off of mainland Miami's districts.


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