The Vice Point Langer, also called the WK Chariot Hotel or the Van Khoff on the Beach, is a hotel in Vice Point, Vice City, appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The name of the hotel in GTA Vice City is different in the PlayStation 2 and PC version of the game. The hotel is named the Vice Point Langer on the PS2 version while in the PC version, the hotel is named the WK Chariot Hotel. The hotel was renamed again in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories as the Van Khoff on the Beach.


Vice Point

The hotel is located across the street from the Malibu Club. The building makes an appearance in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Martha's Mug Shot, where the player entered the building on the south side and captured some photos of Alex Shrub as "Martha" from a floor. After the mission, the window in the PS2 version of GTA Vice City will always be closed while in the PC version the window is always opened. Also the hotel will always be accessible to the player after the mission.

In GTA Vice City Stories, the hotel doesn't look any different than it appeared in GTA Vice City, although the hotel is called the "Van Khoff Hotel," written on gold plaques instead above the front enterance. The hotel around this time is assumed that it's part of the Vank Hoff Hotel chain.

Ocean Beach

The other WK Chariot Hotel is a small, three story building located on Ocean Drive in Ocean Beach. It is an almost exact clone of the Parsons Hotel but with a green color instead. Unlike the Vice Point hotel, the Ocean Beach hotel retains the WK Chariot name in both the PS2 version and the PC version. The GTA Vice City Stories rendition is unnamed.

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