VCPD vice squad

The five members that make up the Vice Squad in GTA Vice City.

The Vice Squad is a law enforcement agency that works with the Vice City Police Department in Vice City. The squad made appearances in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Vcpd cheetah 2

The squad's primary vehicle.

In Vice City, the squad uses five different pedestrian models. One notable model is the agent that looks like one from Diaz' Gang. When the player reaches a three-star wanted level, the squad will be seen chasing the player in VCPD Cheetahs. The squad's primary weapon is the Uzi, which they will use to try and kill the player with. They also carry a pistol, which they will also use if they can't physically reach the player. The agency is headquartered at the Little Havana Police Station in Little Havana, as a VCPD Cheetah can be seen spawning there in the PC version.

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