Viceport 2

A view of Viceport from the air.

is one of Vice City's eleven districts and home to the city's principal seaport.


Viceport is located on the southeastern peninsular of the Vice City Mainland. It neighbors Little Havana to the south and Escobar International Airport to the west. The area consists of large container ships, warehouses, and port facilities. Laborers and commercial/industrial traffic is common in the area.

The bounderies of Viceport extend further southeast towards Vice City Beach, to the stilt houses. The houses draw an inspiration to the real-life Stiltsville. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, only three structures stand in the waters. In the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, four structures stand in the waters and are all in good condition. The houses are all connected by concrete and wooden piers, and secured by wooden guard towers.

Points of Interest

On interest point in the district is the Boatyard, a small boat manufacturing factory that would later be purchased by the Vercetti Gang circa 1986. After purchase, a Squalo and a Cuban Jetmax can be found docked at the Boatyard, although entering the vehicles starts the side mission Checkpoint Charlie. One of the container ships docked at the port is owned by the Vice City Triads, which is believed to be used for large-scale counterfeiting operations. Since the gang themselves don't appear in GTA Vice City, the ship is protected by the Patrol Invest Group, as seen in the mission Spilling the Beans. A Chartered Libertine Lines ship is also docked in Viceport. In 1984, Viceport was home to the Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound, Phil's Depot and Phil's Shooting Range.

In both games, a Pay 'n' Spray is located in the area as well as the 8-Ball Bomb Shop. Minor businesses, such as Cam's Can Openers (GTA Vice City), the Hooker Inn, and the Vice City Port Authority is also based in the area.


GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City Stories


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