Washington Beach is one of Vice City's districts, located in the center of Vice City Beach. The district is bordered by Ocean Beach to the south and Vice Point to the north. It happens to be the smallest district in the city, spanning only a few blocks.


The district is the location of a police station, which also serves as the headquarters for the Vice City Police Department. One of Tommy Vercetti's safehouses is also located within the district along Washington Street, with Ken Rosenberg's office located across from it. The Washington Mall is also located on the border between Ocean Beach and Washington Beach. The district also has several small shops, all which are inaccessible. The district is also where Grand Theft Auto: Vice City protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, began his adventure.

The district doesn't show much of a chage in the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, although most of the hotels along Ocean Drive are unnamed, and the mall is under construction.

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