Wb police station

Washington Beach Police Station in GTA Vice City.

Washington Beach Police Station is a police station located in Washington Beach, Vice City. The station serves as the headquarters of the Vice City Police Department. The station appeared in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is also the only accessible police station in GTA Vice City.

Layout and Design

The station is divided into four levels: Basement Floor 2 (B2), Basement Floor 1 (B1), First Floor (F1), and the Second Floor (F2). B2 is the area of the police station where station cells can be found. The stairs accessing this floor can be found to the south. Up these stairs is the B1 floor. This floor is primarly a large office, probably a watch area to prevent escapes. Up more is the first floor. This floor is main floor of the entire station, consisting of a lobby, locker room, and a long hallway. At the end of the hallway, to the right, is the staircase leading to the second floor of the station. This entire floor is mostly consisting of offices, desks, and much more. Officers can be seen hanging around here most of the time.

Differences in GTA Vice City Stories

Wb vcpd station vcs

The statio as it appears in GTA Vice City Stories.

The only known differences to the station in Vice City Stories is that the station is inaccessable to the player. The station also featured a landing pad on the roof with a police maverick on it, a staircase at the back of the station to access the roof, and much more. It's unknown why these features were removed in Vice City.

Restricted Area

Before unlocking the Cop Outfit, any area of the station, except the lobby, is restricted and off-limits to the player. If the player wishes to access the area, the player will instantly gain a two star wanted level. The stars won't go away even if the player enters the wanted cheat. However if the player returns to the lobby and enters it, the stars will disappear.


The only weapon that can be found in the station is a nightstick, which is located in the locker room.

Hidden Package

On the second floor of the police station there a hidden package in a little office in a corner. Use the Cop Outfit to get it unharmed.


  • The player can get the hidden package early without using the Cop Outfit as the police officers arn't as dangerous as the army themselves.