Washington mall 1

Washington Mall as viewed during the day.

The Washington Mall is a large outdoor mall that only appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


In 1986, the mall is located at 2102 Washington Street, on the borders of Ocean Beach and Washington Beach, and across the street from the Ocean View Hospital.

It is a large two story, open-air mall with shopping areas. It also is equipped with working escalators with a parking lot on the roof, which can be acessed by the spiral ramp. The mall also has stairwells to acess all three levels, but they are blocked off by yellow security tape. The mall is also the location of a Unique Stunt Jump, a rampage, and a Shotgun.

Unlike the North Point Mall, none of the stores in the mall are accessible.

The mall made a major appearance in the mission Mall Shootout. Tommy Vercetti was sent to the mall by Juan Cortez to retrieve technology chips from Pierre La Ponce.

Vice City Stories

The mall doesn't appear in the events of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Instead, a large vacant lot, with little construction, sits where the mall would have been. Its also the location of an Empire Building (see picture below for details).


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