Mrs dawson 2

Mrs. Dawson before her death.

This is a walkthrough on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission Waste the Wife.

Mission Objectives

In order for the player to complete the mission, the player must:

  1. Find a car to use
  2. Follow Mrs. Dawson and ram her Comet until it catchs fire
  3. One her car is on fire, evacuate the area


After starting the mission find a car. After finding the car head to the Jewellry Shop and park in the halo. A breif cutscene will show Mrs. Dawson entering her Comet and drive away. After the cutscene ends, follow her and begin to ram her car. Once her car starts on fire, drive away from her and the mission will be completed once her car blows up.


The player will get $2,000 for completing the mission.

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